Chef Roland Mesnier

We are heartbroken to hear of Chef Mesnier's passing. He shared his intimate knowledge of the White House with us using a vibrant sense of humor and contagious energy at two reenactment events of the Grover Cleveland Birthplace Historic Site in Caldwell, NJ
On Sep 18, 2014, our association hosted a reenactment of President Cleveland’s wedding. Chef Mesnier, the former White House Pastry Chef, collaborated with West Orange Manor's pastry chef, Nicola Petullo. Guests to the 2014 event were treated to a cake that the two chefs designed as a re-creation of the bride's cake served at the 1886 White House wedding reception of President Cleveland. Chef Messnier, in his robust voice and French accent, then presented guests with tales of the White House from the Cleveland wedding, and from his own years as White House Pastry Chef.
He came back to New Jersey on Nov 10th, 2018 for the reenactment of Grover Cleveland's 1893 Inaugural Ball. Chef gave a lively speech highlighting behind-the-scenes happenings at the White House during Cleveland's two administrations, and from the Chefs own years in DC.
We will miss him very much. His wit and boundless energy will always be remembered fondly.