Board of Trustees

The GCBMA is guided by a Board of Trustees, which is responsible for providing guidance, lending talents, and helping raise awareness for the Birthplace. The current members of the Board of Trustees are:

Dr. David Cowell – President
Ms. Bunny Jenkins – Vice President
Mr. Greg Cowell – Treasurer

Membership Chair
Ms. Constance Schick

Board Members
Ms. Akiko Axe, West Caldwell
Mr. Pieter Burhans, Chatham
Dr. David Cowell, Caldwell

Mr. Greg Cowell, Caldwell
Dr. Beverly W. Crifasi, North Caldwell
Ms. Rhonda DeStefano, Caldwell
Ms. Roxanne Douglas, West Caldwell
Mr. Tom Gartland, Caldwell
Ms. Alice Gibson, West Caldwell
Mr. John Hamilton, West Caldwell
Ms. Bunny Jenkins, North Caldwell
Mr. Paul Maloney, Caldwell

Mr. Bob Markman, Caldwell
Mr. Mathew Rollins, Caldwell
Ms. Patricia Ruiz, Caldwell
Ms. Constance Shick, Caldwell
Mr. Bruce White, Caldwell

Honorary Board Members
Mr. George M. Cleveland
Mr. Thomas Robertson

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